LOCATION: Algiers, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

PROGRAM: Bathrooms and studio apartment within existing warehouse

CLIENT(S): Studio3, Inc.

SIZE: 500 SF

BUDGET: Confidential

STATUS: Complete

PROJECT TEAM: GOAT (Architecture and Interiors)


Few things drive the culture and vibe of New Orleans like Mardi Gras. There is an entire economy and industry that revolves around the few weeks a year where the city transforms into one giant, slow-moving party. We were honored by the opportunity to work with one on those cultural drivers in Studio3, Inc. A collective of artisans led by the ultra-talented Jonathan Bertucelli, Studio3 designs and builds many of the most spectacular floats that dominate the streets every Carnival season. During the off-season, they use their warehouse and fabrication studio for decadent parties and boutique events, which is where GOAT comes in. Mr. Bertucelli engaged GOAT to develop a solution that would help the warehouse function better during these events by providing code compliant restrooms, private dressing room space, and a studio apartment for those nights that work extends into the wee hours. Leaning on our talent for creative problem solving, GOAT developed a plug-in module that would meet these requirements while also adding to the atmosphere of the space. By using industrial materials and finishes, the module could largely be constructed by the Studio3 team and fits in perfectly with the studio / warehouse aesthetic that makes the space such a unique experience.