LOCATION: Portland, Oregon, USA

PROGRAM: Accessory dwelling unit

CLIENT(S): Confidential SIZE: 350 SF

BUDGET: Confidential

STATUS: Pre-Construction

PROJECT TEAM: GOAT (Architecture and Interiors)


The tiny house movement presents an inventive potential solution to a host of urban challenges. Allowing small, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to existing lots increases neighborhood density, provides affordable alternative housing, does not drastically change the character of residential neighborhoods, and gives homeowners a potential source of additional income to combat skyrocketing urban land values. Cities like Portland, Oregon are leading the way in embracing the movement and employing it to help its residents.

GOAT has been engaged to develop a tiny house by a young Portland couple for construction on their family’s property. The form of the ADU is designed to maximize the usable space & storage and to allow the most possible natural light to fll the space. The fnishes are an affordable but modern mix of plywood, OSB, and charred wood, embracing a truly Pacifc Northwest character. The compact footprint does not prevent the project from having a tremendous aesthetic impact